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manufacturing your invention

Manufacturing stage is your last part after you have verified that your invention is fully functional and you have done at least an initial market assessment to make sure your product will have an audience. Manufacturing can start at minimum quantities that vary depending on the individual invention - product.

Before the manufacturing process begins, you mast have completed all the other steps of the process: Graphics - Prototype - Testing - Evaluation. You will have to consider how you will want your product to be packaged for the retails distributions, wholesale distribution and bulk shipping. Markings and packaging design are also very important details you have to consider carefully. We will be glad to assist you with all these particular details, and all of them will be discussed in detail while working on your project.
We will take care of the entire manufacturing process: selecting the appropriate process needed,  following all the tooling and production process, and finally with delivery logistics.
The amount of time it takes to produce your invention or product, is dictated by your invention design and manufacturing process required. Generally tooling in the form of dies or molds is required to be produced before the actual manufacturing process begins. Tooling can be simple or complex depending on your invention and its details. Cost for the tooling also varies considerably based on the manufacturing process and number of parts required by your invention.
As previously stated, we will provide our customers specific information on each step that is required to take your invention from inception to completion and relative cost. All communications will be done by phone or email with only written confirmations before any process begins.
Contact us with your invention details and we will gladly provide the information necessary for you to plan the entire process.

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