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invention packaging & design service

Packaging your invention  is an essential part as every product no matter what sales channel it will follow, needs to be packaged appropriately . Every item you see in stores has a specific packaging based on the kind of item, department, position on the shelves or display. So your item will need to be dressed up appropriately for the Store Occasion.
It will need to be designed to attract attention, to provide appeal and feel of your invention. If your product is not seen it will not sell!
From simple cardboard box to blister pack, from clam shell to plastic bag, tubes or bottles, plastic or metal, PP, PVC or PET there is a material and a design to dress up your product at every stage. Packaging design is part of the development process and can be started earlier on, during the invention development stage, so once your product or invention has come alive it can be finalized.
All graphics need to be as accurate as the details of your invention therefore nothing can be overlooked. Shapes, colors, graphics, text, must be selected appropriately to fit your product and distribution channel.
The entire design process, will go trough  revisions that will be provided to the customer for approval. During the design process, we will provide the customer the different revisions via email and we will require written approvals and/or requests for changes of each stage.
Once designs are finalized and services payed for, customer will receive a copy of the final designs.
We will look forward to serve you with your invention packaging! 

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