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Inventors help and invention related services

We want to help inventors make the invention development a smooth process providing the specific services and assistance that will make the fruit of their creativity , come alive. It is, sometimes a long process but, with persistence, diligence and passion, it can be accomplished. Do your research, your discovery process, your sketches/designs. Make a log of it all in a faithful manner, and when ready, contact us so we can turn your sketches or designs into a finished product. We are here to help you with the entire invention process!
Many are the services we provide to help inventors and individuals that need assistance and guidance in the process of developing an invention from inception to finished product. 
Amongst them:
Graphic Design,
Turn your sketches into more elaborate and specific form, evolve and reshape your ideas to a  professional level of accuracy and detail.
3D Renderings,
A representations of your product takes shape with realistic appearance, color and texture.
Industrial Design CAD,
This is when your product is disected, shapes are finalized, design and structure calculated. Physical apperance and finish touches elaborated for maximum impact and structure, functionnality and appeal.
Very important stage in your development process. A must! Verify functionnality, appearance, and finalize any detail before actual mass production. 
No product should be naked. Fashion it to make your product visible and ready for the occasion. Practical or fashionable, simple or more complex is determined by its final approach.   
A step of the manufacturing process in the form of  Dies, Molds
or else, based on the manufacturing process used.
Be it a small run or large one, we will take care of it and you will receive the finished product ready for pubblic consumption.( Including Logistics for delivery of finished product)
Website Design,
For your marketing and direct sales, a must have! Modern technology has provided this wonderful tool and means of communication that is second to none. Put it in your budget!
We provide an initial free consultation thus you can present your idea to us, and together we can determine the course of action, the steps to follow to turn your invention or product into a finished product, ready for the market.

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