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Welcome To American Inventor Manufacturing - Invention Development Company
IDEAS are human gifts and CREATIVITY the offspring generated daily in a dream to execute them into reality. People, though, do not know the path to follow. AIM is the guide and ladder to this odyssey that culminates in success. Several steps must be taken to achieve this final goal...........
Developing your invention...
If you have a new invention or a new product, and are looking for a company that can assist you in developing your invention or product, you have come to the right place. With our extensive expertise in the manufacturing and graphics industries, we can assist you in the entire process. No matter at what stage you are with your invention or product, we can assist you and make your idea become reality. From evaluation of your new invention, to product graphics production ready, to the finished product ready for sale, rely on us for the entire process. We provide assistance to inventors and entrepreneurs with their inventions and new products development. We offer services to inventors related to invention Graphics, Industrial Design, Prototypes, Tooling, Packaging, Manufacturing, Website Design. Your invention Designed, Prototyped, Manufactured and Delivered to your final destination. One source and Peace Of Mind! .........
Invention Prototype Service
Invention prototypes produced for inventors, in different ways based on invention specifications. Mock-up or Non-Working prototypes, Working prototypes, Virtual  ......... More
Inventors Help
Many inventors need help with design and development of inventions no matter at what stage they are. They need assistance moving forward thus making their new invention become a tangible product. We offer all the services that will allow you to develop your new product, in stages from concept to prototype, all the way to manufacturing process. See what we can do for you ..........
Invention Website Design Service
We provide web design service for inventors so you can show and advertise your invention or product. Excellent and versatile marketing tool with all the flexibility that you need. From simple site to more complex ..........

Why Choose Us?

We take a step-by-step approach in developing your project and all the steps are clearly defined. Each step is eventually broken down and transparent and we provide you an itemized cost of each one of them.

We assist our clients with all the tools needed to take each project from "Inception to Completion". From graphics, to prototype, to manufacturing, to finished product. You will have peace of mind and be working with one source for the entire project thus saving time and money and with less complicated logistics as we take care of it all.

We are a totally independent company with high ethical values and we want to assure you that our solutions are made in the best interest of our customers. We believe in building trust and collaborating with you in all aspects of your business in order to achieve your business goals. We can integrate with your line of work through our versatile experience and modern ideas and create personalized solutions based on your needs and wants.

Our AIM is to help you achieve your personal goals.

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